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Leper Colony – Leper Colony – Album Review

Hey Rogga! You busy?

Rogga Johansson (the busiest man in death metal show business) immediately head-butts 2023 in the dangly bits with the first of, what will no doubt be, 467 releases under the various guises this most prolific purveyor of extremity inhabits.

First up for ol’ Rog is the debut album from Leper Colony, a stomping slab of classic death/thrash fronted by the inimitable Marc Grewe (Morgoth) and backed by Rogga and drummer Jon Skäre (Consumption, Reek, Defiatory). With such a pedigree you’d be forgiven for expecting something special and, make no mistake, this is high calibre death/thrash from seasoned pro’s.

The sinewy, jittery nature of Rogga’s riffs, Grewe’s suitably unhinged vocal performance and the sheer old-school appeal of the whole damn thing will leave you grinning from ear-to-ear. Sure, this is nothing new…. but it’s done so damn well that you’ll be too busy having a fuckin’ good time to give two shits about ‘originality’.

Suffice to say, fans of Slayer need to check out “Flesh Crawl Demise” while devotees of Massacre and early Death need a little of “The Surgical Undeadvors” in their lives!

Right up our street! 8/10

<br />Leper Colony - Leper Colony
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