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Protector: Ranking All 8 Of Their Studio Albums!

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First forming in 1986, Protector have long-since established themselves as underground death/thrash legends. But where do you start when it comes to their 8 studio albums?

Well, fear not. We’ve re-assessed Protector’s entire back catalogue and done the hard work for you. 

Read on!

Summon them….

8. Summon The Hordes (2019)

ALBUM REVIEW: Summon The Hordes - Protector - Distorted Sound Magazine

Released: April 26th, 2019 via High Roller Records

2019’s Summon The Hordes went right back to Protector‘s roots (bloody roots! Sorry, different continent) and fully embraced that unique thrashy 1980’s vibe that this underrated German thrash band were always so adept at. In this case, regression (and sticking to the formula) was a very good thing!

Of the original lineup, only Martín “Golem” Missy on vocals remained but his intentions remained clear – only the most caustic, corroded and downright feral underground thrash would suffice.

A raw, raucous, nasty little thrash album, Summon The Hordes was never going to set the world on fire… but it’s certainly a fun way for old-school Teutonic thrash fans to spend 40 minutes! 7/10

A welcome return….

7. Reanimated Homunculus (2013)

Protector – Reanimated Homunculus (2013, Blue, Vinyl) - Discogs

Released: September 13th, 2013 via High Roller Records

20 years after The Heritage left thrash fans with a gloriously bitter taste in their mouths came Reanimated Homunculus….. and Protector‘s long-overdue comeback was ON!

Reanimated and rejuvenated, Protector were looking to make up for lost time. Fortunately, Reanimated Homunculus‘ satisfying blast of raw and rankled 80’s death / thrash was more than up to the challenge and instantly announced the re-emergence of a thrash metal powerhouse.

Whether it was the relatively mid-tempo stomp of the title track or the rabid thrashin’ deluge of “Sons Of Kain” and “Road Rage” that reminded you just how good the band was, one thing was for sure – Reanimated Homunculus was one hell of a way to announce your return! 7/10

Worthy of the crown….

6. Cursed And Coronated (2016)

Protector – Cursed And Coronated (2016, CD) - Discogs

Released: February 26th, 2016 via High Roller Records

Serving as ample proof that Protector‘s reformation wasn’t in vain, 2016’s Cursed And Coronated found the band holding the modern thrash scene to ransom with yet another collection of suitably savage songs.

Still thrashing fast and hard – and still giving Sodom and Destruction a run for their money – Cursed And Coronated found Protector slightly cleaning up their act (the title track was positively gleaming compared to the usual delicious filth served up by these veterans) but, in general, album no. 6 was as vicious as they come.

Tighter than a nun’s chuff, Protector simply blasted their way through yet another fine selection of old-school thrash songs. Can you ask for anything more? 7/10

The war has begun….

5. Golem (1988)

Golem - Album by Protector | Spotify

Released: October 21st, 1988 via Atom H

Easily as heavy (heavier even) than anything released by Kreator, Destruction, Sodom etc at the time, Protector‘s debut album was the sound of the German thrash underground at its most corrosive and most frightening.

A relentless barrage of hyperactive, hyper-speed death / black / thrash riffs greeted those of us brave enough to embrace this sort of filth and an instant cult classic debut was born. Golem‘s blackened thrash attack was necro-enough to appeal to early Sodom, early Destruction and Possessed fans, and while the likes of Kreator were courting MTV, Protector were keeping the underground flame alive.

The ranking of this album will irk many (some will no doubt claim that it deserves top 3 status), but time has not been quite so kind to Golem‘s relatively rudimentary charms as nostalgia will probably lead you to believe. It still kicks almighty ass though! 8/10

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