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Obituary – Dying Of Everything – Album Review

They'll NEVER die!

There’s no such thing as a bad Obituary album.

If you like one (Cause Of Death is our particular favourite), you generally love ’em all. Why? Because these cavemen of death metal don’t fuck with a winning formula – and nor would we want them to!

With a 5 year gap between albums, we’re fuckin’ thrilled to say that Dying Of Everything finds these legends delivering yet another cold, hard slab of neanderthal riffs, oodles of chest-beating groove and a vocal performance from John Tardy that shows zero signs of ageing.

Progressive, Dying Of Everything is not. Head-bangable to the extreme it most definitely is!

“Barely Alive” is the quintessential Obituary album opener – ferociously heavy and instantly recognisable. The redneck stomp continues with the insanely catchy “The Wrong Time” and, unsurprisingly, this trend continues for a further 8 tracks of mostly mid-tempo, riff-based death fuckin’ metal. Obituary simply smash and we’re not above saying that this is the best they’ve sounded in quite some time.

Dying Of Everything is an Obituary album. You already know if you’re gonna like it or not! 8/10

<br />Obituary - Dying of Everything

Obituary‘s Dying Of Everything is released on January 13th, 2023 via Relapse Records

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2 Comments on Obituary – Dying Of Everything – Album Review

  1. Listened to it last night and when it finished my first reaction : “What ? Already finished ?” They did such a great album and I’ll need many listenings to really dig it as their previous releases.
    They’re always on point and as you said : “they’ll never die”. It’s pure Obituary, among bands who mix too many stuffs (I guess they don’t understand what they do), too technical, pushed too far the concept, too boring. My heart of OSDM connoisseur is filled with joy.

  2. Chris Jennings // January 15, 2023 at 9:49 am // Reply

    You hit the nail on the head there bud – any OSDM connoisseur knows how good this is!

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