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Festerday – iihtallan – Album Review

FESTERDAY drag their grisly gore-obsessed death metal kicking and screaming (and chainsaw-guitaring) into this century with their new, and what is ostensibly their debut, album iihtallan. This first proper full-length (s)platter package is nothing less than wretched repugnant Finnish death metal built on the foundations laid down by Carcass, Entombed and Grave etc all those years ago.

Ironically, Festerday’s history is as convoluted as their music isn’t, with numerous name changes derailing any continuity over the past 3(!) decades. The twatting about went something like this: 1989-1992 (as Festerday), 1992 (as Cardinal), 1992-1993 (as Peacefrog), 1993-1994 (as Raw Energy), 1995-2005 (as …and Oceans), 2005-2013 (as Havoc Unit), which brings us neatly back to bloody Festerday once again!

Fortunately, settling the fuck down has worked in Festerday’s (or whatever their name is) favour as by knuckling down, and dragging those knuckles across the gravel, they’ve fashioned an old school Finnish death metal release of distinct quality.

The likes of the disgustingly monikered “Edible Excrement”, “Vomiting Pestilence” and “Your Saliva My Vagina” are all exemplary examples of rotting, cadaverous, buzzsaw-riffed death metal replete with grossly gargled vokills and a strong desire to fuck your shit up at every opportunity.

Success! 7/10 

iihtallan was released via Season of Mist on 4th January 2019.

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