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Endless Floods – Circle The Gold – Album Review

Endless doom.....

With just two gargantuan tracks clocking in at thirty nine minutes, French doommongers Endless Floods certainly don’t make music for those who enjoy a ‘quick fix’. On the other hand, longtime fans of doom – and its assorted sub genres – should, in theory at least, have no issues with songs that last 18.26 and 20.31 respectively. We like doom, so this should be a breeze, right?!

Well, yes….and no.

We’ll start with the plus points. With Circle The Gold, Endless Floods have crafted an album which absolutely reeks of despair, isolation and a cloying sense of claustrophobia. So far, so good, so doom. The problem here is with the songs themselves.

Both “Circle The Gold” and “Seeds” have moments of greatness – punctuated by weighty riffs that move with all the speed of a hungover tectonic plate – but therein lies the issue. Large portions of these songs meander aimlessly and the result is a lack of interest and the desire to stay fully invested in the album soon wanes.

By no means a terrible album, Circle The Gold is just a hard one to love, a hard one to stay interested in and it’s hard to identify a reason why you would keep going back to it. 6/10

ENDLESS FLOODS Circle The Gold (doom / post-doom – FR)
Out February 15th on vinyl & digital via Fvtvrecordings / Bigoût Records

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