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Destroy My Brains – InsignifiCan’t – Album Review

A massive slab of filth......

Let’s get one thing straight, our metal lovin’ brains have probably been destroyed enough; left suitably dried out and crumbling from years of soaking up audible sludgy filth such as Destroy My Brains‘ 3rd album, InsignifiCan’t.

Can we even take anymore misery, shame, depression and hate is the question?

Yes, is the appropriate answer. Fuck yes.

Destroy My Brains take you on a journey of drug abuse and suicide and these Canadian sludge-wielders are rather adept at doing so. This is not a comfortable journey. Oh no. This is an arduous, bare-footed trek up a broken glass strewn path to inner torment.

Sounds fun, right?

Well it fucking isn’t!

InsignifiCan’t is bruising, nihilistic, painful and distressing….like all good confrontational metal should be.

We’re not sure we agree with the doom tag afforded to these fine gentleman. They’re fundamentally too aggressive, too fast, too fucking nihilistically bullish in intent to be labelled doom. Instead, Insignifican’t embodies hardcore punk inflected sludge with every ounce of its being; the sound of a drug overdose made flesh, for want of a better analogy.

Such is the audible disdain for life as we know it that we’re surprised this album wasnt titled InsignifiCUNT. And we have no other way to finish this review. 7/10

Track listing:

1). Too Much Cocaine
2). Overdose Worshipper
3). Ropes
4). After Brutality
5). Beyond Sick V2

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