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Noosed – Butcher – EP Review


The hangman’s comin’ and we’re all fucked! That sentiment alone pretty much sums up Noosed, a UK noise / grind / crust / sludge collective whose new EP, Butcher, is a cauterised statement of nihilistic intent. As far as these guys are concerned, “humanity is staring through the hangman’s noose” and this is reflected in every second of the 7 short, sharp and decidedly savage songs found here.

With primitive, pummelling rhythms simply grinding you into dust, it’s the early work of Godflesh and Napalm Death that springs to mind as Noosed go about their barbaric business. And, with song titles such as the eloquently phrased, “Rot”, “Piss” and “Scum” greeting you with all manner of dirty, grimy, street-level sounds and eerie samples – highlighting humanity’s diseased, fragile mindset – it’s fairly obvious from the outset that these boys don’t do melody, complexity or subtlety.

No sir! Seething, snarling rage is the order of the day and it’s served direct to your face. Can you handle it? 7/10

Noosed’s Butcher is due for release on May 15th, 2020 via Trepanation Recordings.

Pre-orders available via bandcamp



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