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American Death Metallers ABYSMAL DAWN Answer Worship Metal’s Questions Of Biblical Proportions!

Abysmal Dawn's Phylogenesis is due for release via Season of Mist on April 17th, 2020.

American death metallers ABYSMAL DAWN are about to release their brand new album, Phylogenesis, in the next few days via Season Of Mist Records. This will be their fifth official release and to celebrate, we threw our Questions Of Biblical Proportions at ’em….

How would you describe your music to a deaf person?

“Probably with sign language.”

Which album would you buy someone in order to introduce them to metal?

Ride The Lighning by Metallica”

What is the worst metal cliche?

“Zombies. Wait no, dragons. Definitely zombie dragons. Also, imagery with fire, pentagrams and skulls.”

You’re DJing a metal party, what’s the first song you play?

“”Fast As A Shark” by Accept”

What’s the perfect band / album to listen to when you’re drunk?

“King Diamond”

Which album or band got you into heavy metal?


Denim or leather (after all, it brought us all together)?


What’s the first metal T-shirt you bought?

“Fear Factory’s Demanufacture

Vinyl, cd or tape?

“Of course vinyl”

Abysmal Dawn‘s Phylogenesis is due for release via Season of Mist on April 17th, 2020.

Check out their new album and if you like it you can order it here along with their brand new merchandise!

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