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Dawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate – Album Review

Dare you enter?

These lords of melodic death metal have been hammering home the melodic death metal riffs since 2003 and the solid (if not always stunning) Ascension Gate is their contribution to a 2017 currently reeling from quality death metal releases.

Marching forth into battle, there’s a swaggering sense of confidence employed here. The requisite dramatic notes hit hard and hit often as Dawn Of Disease flatten all in their path with military precision and not a single second is wasted as the band plough through track after track of semi-aggressive and mid-paced Gothenburg style death metal.

Hovering on the right side of melodic, these guys still channel the brute force exemplified on last years Worship The Grave but they’ve refined their sound, offering a more accessible set of songs exemplified by elaborate melodies and an upping of the epic ante when it comes to atmosphere; an approach that can (but doesn’t always) result in melodic death metal transcending the formula and raising the pulse with unexpected ease.

With Ascension Gate, these Germans have delivered a hefty dose of melodic death metal class and are blatantly operating at the top of their game. Fans of Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquility and (as expected) At The Gates should embrace this release with open arms! 7/10

Ascension Gate will be unleashed on 11th August via Napalm Records….dare you enter?

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