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Necrophagous – In Chaos Ascend – Album Review

Let the chaos reign!

With a high quota of Deicide-esque brutality (think Serpents Of The Light), you’d be forgiven for assuming new death metal trio Necrophagous have come crawling from the fetid swamps of Florida. But you’d be wrong smartass! We’re in Swedish death metal territory here and with the band made up of former members of the mighty Entrails, expectations for this new venture are understandably high. 

Mostly old-school in structure (mid to late 90s is old-school, right?), In Chaos Ascend is the defiant work of a new band – not an Entrails copy – and with hyper-speed bursts of ultra-aggression cosying up next to deep dives into death/doom’s lumbering pace, this is one thick slab of prime death metal. With a massive sound and a vocal delivery that brings to mind David Vincent’s work during Morbid Angel’s Covenant / Domination era, the old-school is certainly strong in this one BUT Necrophagous are confident enough to distinguish themselves from these legendary acts and forge their own path; one littered with the eviscerated body parts of their enemies, probably.  

Solid grooves inform the likes of the title track and this is where the ‘Swedish’ element of their work truly rears its ugly, malformed head. With a nod to the relatively mid-tempo chug of prime Grave, the band are arguably at their best when locked into these mammoth grooves. In fact, while diversity remains at a minimum, this is not to Necrophagous’ detriment and it’s a joy to simply press play and headbang away.  

Quality Swedish death metal then…..with not a HM-2 pedal in sight. Who’d have thought it! 7/10

Necrophagous’ In Chaos Ascend is due for release on January 7th via Transcending Obscurity Records

In Chaos Ascend (Death Metal) | NECROPHAGOUS (Sweden) | Necrophagous
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