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The 10 Must Hear Death Metal Albums Released In January 2019!

Here lies Worship Metal's pick of the 10 death albums you simply had to hear in January 2019.....

Death metal is currently in very rude health and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a future classic now, would ya?!

Now you won’t have to, as here lies Worship Metal’s pick of the 10 death metal albums you simply had to hear in January 2019…..

Altatrage – The Approaching Roar

Released January 25th via Season Of Mist 

A droning dive into the charred heart of the Beast itself, Altarage’s blackened death metal still has no equal and is the sound of pure hell brought to life!

Bestial growls and shrieks engulf the senses within Altarage’s suffocating sarcophagus of dense riffs and one listen probably means your soul has already been sold to the horned one.

The Approaching Roar is frightening, it’s unnerving, it’s incalculable evil in noise form….an experience endured rather than enjoyed but utterly captivating nonetheless!

This is the sound of the thing that lurks in the dark. Waiting until the time is right to unleash its unholy roar.

Desecravity – Anathema

Released: January 25th via Willowtip Records

Absolutely bat-shit crazy is the only succinct way to describe the material found on Descravity‘s Anathema.

Technical to the point of absurdity and ‘widdly’ to the point of madness, these Japanese nut-jobs make Rings Of Saturn sound like Jungle Rot and will relentlessly and remorsefully shit on your ravaged synapses with track after track of mind-blowing savage technicality.

One thing is for sure, the boys are back in techy town!

Festerday – iihtallan

Released: January 4th via Season Of Mist

Festerday dragged their grisly gore-obsessed death metal kicking and screaming (and chainsaw-guitaring) into this century with their new, and what is ostensibly their debut, album iihtallan. This first proper full-length (s)platter package is nothing less than wretched repugnant Finnish death metal built on the foundations laid down by Carcass, Entombed and Grave etc all those years ago.

Ironically, Festerday’s history is as convoluted as their music isn’t, with numerous name changes derailing any continuity over the past 3(!) decades. The twatting about went something like this: 1989-1992 (as Festerday), 1992 (as Cardinal), 1992-1993 (as Peacefrog), 1993-1994 (as Raw Energy), 1995-2005 (as …and Oceans), 2005-2013 (as Havoc Unit), which brings us neatly back to bloody Festerday once again!

Fortunately, settling the fuck down has worked in Festerday’s (or whatever their name is) favour as by knuckling down, and dragging those knuckles across the gravel, they’ve fashioned an old school Finnish death metal release of distinct quality.

Horrisonous – A Culinary Cacophony

Released: January 21st via Memento Mori.

Horrisonous leech forth from the same aural slime, decay and misery usually inhabited by Asphyx, Autopsy and Incantation and their ilk. Only these impassioned death chefs hail from Down Under and boast members of Sydney scene bands including Illimitable Dolor (new album from them due in March), Backyard Mortuary and Temple Nightside.

Atmospheric death doom slices and dices old-school death metal like a sous-chef on a rampage and while this smörgåsbord of death is as equally ponderous as it is crushingly fast, this impassioned blast of grisly, grimy death is, primarily, filth incarnate!


Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast

Released: January 18th via Century Media Records

Quite literally ‘the 13th beast’ from the mighty Malevolent Creation, this highly anticipated new album from the Floridian death metal legends had lofty expectations placed upon it – particularly without the presence of the sadly departed Bret Hoffmann – but Phil Fasciana has, as always, delivered!

A thrashing, technical onslaught of old-school ethics and modern sheen, Malevolent Creation’s latest is as brutally honest as you would expect from a band of this calibre.

Frankly, MC don’t need to re-write a rule-book they wrote in the first place and fans of OSDM will, hopefully, have already lapped this up!

Meathook – Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

Released: January 1st via Unmatched Brutality Records

Six long years on from the merciless assault that was Meathook‘s Facing Deformity album, the Gonzales brothers (alongside guitarist Robin Mack) returned with Crypts, Coffins, Corpses; their third album of aural artillery and barbaric brutal death metal!

So what’s been occurring during those lean, meat-less years?

Well, if the likes of the sickeningly brutal “Awaiting Terror” and “Awakened By The Stench” are anything to go by, it would appear that Meathook have been sharpening their tools of terror and revelling in all manner of depravity.

You know the deal, right? Gore, death, torture are all dissected amidst a framework of ridiculous gutturals, hyper-speed percussion and the usual onslaught of murderous, bloodthirsty riffs meaning Meathook are clinically efficient at what they do. Well worth checking out!

Musmahhu – Reign Of The Odious

Released: January 21st via Memento Mori

Fuck us in the ear-hole with something sharp and pointy if this debut album from Swedish death metallers  Musmahhu isn’t a thunderingly brilliant way to kick-start 2019!

This cavernous beast is old-school death metal reanimated and regurgitated in the form of the most blackened and charred noise imaginable.

A swirling, billowing, churning onslaught of ancient manifestations, Reign Of The Odious is unabating and unmerciful and this side project from Musmahhu mastermind Swartadauþuz (the brainchild behind black metal entities Bekëth Nexëhmü, Azelisassath, Urkaos, Trolldom, Mystik and many more) could very well be prove to be one of the finest full length debuts of the year.

Oblivion – Oblivion

Released: January 21st 2019 via bandcamp

Tech death metal juggernaut Oblivion have returned with their self-titled ‘sequel’ to last years “The Path Towards”, an album which expands on Oblivion’s dystopian vision of a world ruined by artificial intelligence.

Encompassing elements of OSDM, technical death metal (both brutal and exquisitely structured) and classical music, Oblivion are renowned for unparalleled technicality and bravura performances and Oblivion is the aural culmination of all that came before.

Meaning? Quite simply, this is jaw-dropping tech death, and undoubtedly the finest body of work this powerhouse band has delivered to date.

What we have here, is a strong contender for album of the year!

Ravenous Death – Chapters of an Evil Transition

Released: January 21st via Memento Mori.

Hailing from the vast death metal hot-bed of Mexico, Ravenous Death feature current members of Remains, Demonic Manifestation and Death’s Forsaken and are a vile force to be reckoned with.

Happiest when they’re blasting at hyper-speed, these old-school death metallers revel in tremolo riffing and honouring the Mexican gods of Vomitory and Shub Niggurath and Chapters Of An Evil Transition is as maleficent as it gets!

Satisfyingly lo-fi and unremittingly savage, this is the sound of  total fucking death!

Vile Apparition – Depravity Ordained

Released: January 21st via Memento Mori

Crawling out of Melbourne, Australia, Vile Apparition is the new project of Oliver Ballantyne (drums) and Jamie Colic (guitar, bass, vocals) – both ex-members of the mighty Sewercide – and this debut harks back to the bludgeoning beginnings of Morpheus Descends, Deteriorot and Suffocation.

This rampaging, brutal old-school take on New York’s finest is excessively rhythmic and its whole demeanour reeks of violence. Blunt force trauma doesn’t cut it, this fucker is a carnivorous cudgel which reigns down blow after blow of technically impressive death metal without mercy.

Ugly, oppressive, depraved….vile. You’ll want to check it out!

All in all, a damn fine start to the year……what death metal joys will February 2019 hold??!! 

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