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Hellfrost and Fire – Fire, Frost and Hell – Album Review

Heads will bang!

With the legendary lungs of David Ingram (Benediction, Down Among The Dead Men, Echelon, ex-Bolt Thrower) popping up on yet another album (he is a busy, busy man!), you’d be forgiven for having high hopes for Hellfrost and Fire‘s debut album….which thankfully arrives with the kind of Satan-pleasing fire and brimstone fervour saved for the best death metal releases.

There ain’t nothin’ pretty about this primitive blast of bowel-rupuring noise, with the ludicrously heavy chug of Rick “Dennis” DeMusis’ riffs levelling all in their path.

Fire, Frost and Hell is the kind of album that appeals to seasoned metallers who revel in the beauty of a simple idea done well, with each track grinding and pummelling your guts into oblivion – which is just how we like it.

As ground-shaking as DeMusis’ riffs are, it’s the vocals of the big man himself that knocks Fire, Frost and Hell up a notch or two. Bellowing and roaring like a man posssessed, his is yet another exemplary performance from one of the busiest vocalists in death metal.

David Ingram, we salute you sir!

Don’t go into this album with expectations of technical wizardry and you’ll come out grinning….because Hellfrost and Fire have delivered a relentless exercise in simple, effective, death fuckin’ metal. Heads will bang. 7/10

Line up –
David Ingram (Benediction) – Vocals
Rick “Dennis” DeMusis – Guitar/Bass
Travis Ruvo (EchelonCropsy Maniac) – Drums

Hellfrost and Fire‘s Fire, Frost and Hell is due for release on March 18th, 2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records

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