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Colosso – Apocalypse – EP Review

For fans of: Norse, Morbid Angel, Nile, Incantation, Suffocation....

Pestilence. War. Famine. Death. The four riders of the apocalypse are converging on mass and Colosso’s EP, simply titled Apocalypse, is the means through which they deliver their earth-shattering message.

This is oppressive death metal, suffocating and claustrophobic, violent and disorientating, expansive and all-encompassing and should particularly please fans of Morbid Angel, Nile and Incantation. With moments of discordance tethered to traditional death metal structures, the whole thing reeks of archaic old-school alchemy and Colosso have blatantly relished the chance to fashion unique sounds based around each of the four horsemen’s modus operandi.

Unsurprisingly, “Pestilence” buzzes and swarms in an ever-maddening tale of monumental destruction while “War” is the equivalent of facing-down a blitzkrieg of blazing artillery. “Death” is morbidly subdued in comparison but conjures an eerie atmosphere all of its own before the overwhelmingly oppressive (and ultra guttural) nature of “Famine” starves  you of everything but the merest hint of oxygen.

Featuring guest vocals by Guilherme Henriques (Oak / Gaerea), Diogo Santana (Analepsy) and Sérgio Afonso (Bleeding Display), Apocalypse is a breath-taking and refreshingly diverse collection; one that ably showcases the myriad aspects of this bold and innovative death metal band without once compromising on their daring, aggressive and (un-ironically) apocalyptic sound.

Consider Apocalypse‘s concept fully realised. 8/10

Line up –
Max Tomé – Guitars, Keyboards, Lyrics and Vocals on «Death»
Robin Stone (Norse) – Drums
Alexandre Ribeiro (Grog) – Bass

Guilherme Henriques (Oak) – Vocals on «Pestilence»
Sérgio Afonso (Bleeding Display) – Vocals on «War»
Diogo Santana (Analepsy) – Vocals on «Famine»

Apocalypse was released via Transcending Obscurity Records on  14th February 2020

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