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BAT – Axestasy – EP Review

Old school Speed Metal for the New World Order!

Welcome to Axestasy, the second offering from speed metal trio, BAT. But “who the fuck are BAT?” we hear some of you cry! Consider them a supergroup of sorts, comprised of Ryan Waste, Nick Poulos (both in Municipal Waste and Volture) and the legend that is Felix Griffin (ex D.R.I.).

And with that introduction, you’ll be expecting big things, right?!

Thankfully, Axestasy doesn’t disappoint, in the slightest. No, Sirree! Featuring 5 and a bit tracks of catchy, accomplished, old school speed metal – with a few punky metal bits thrown in – Axestasy opens with “Wild Fever” and BAT’s classic sounds of early 80’s American heavy metal are unleashed in all their glory.

Nasty, thrashy, pounding, this is truly great stuff with the unrelenting speed and punk edge of “Long Live The Lewd” rubbing up against the likes of “ICE”, where everything slows down (a little). With quite the chubby intro, “ICE” evolves into a classic metal stomp and its chorus is proper, fists in the air, chanting. The EP then launches into warp drive with the punky “Ritual Fool” before “Slash Of The Blade” follows and you’re treated to about a minute of electronic music that wouldn’t have sounded out of place in a 1980’s slasher flick. Acting as an intro, to the title track, “Slash Of The Blade” morphs into “Axetasy” itself which is a fun 2 and a half minute romp featuring all the elements which make BAT so damn irresistible.

And, just like that, the Axestasy is over and 15 (ish) minutes of highly accomplished speed metal have caressed your ears. Go get some! 8.5/10.

Axetasy was released on April 26th on 12″ vinyl, CD, tape & digital.

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