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AEONS + Bruises – Compton Vaults, IOM, September 4th 2020

What’s this? A gig! That’s right, us (very) lucky bastards on the Isle of Man are back to relative normality which means the opportunity to see the best band the island has to offer (progressive metallers AEONS) plus support was too good an opportunity to miss.

Castletown’s Compton Vaults may be a small venue but its got oodles of atmosphere and the place was already rammed to fuck when alt metallers Bruises [7] kicked off the evening. While their name initially conjures images of a hardcore punk act, these guys actually flit between stoner doom, sludge and progressive metal on a whim. Bruises are a band that are initially hard to get a handle on but, as their set progressed, it was clear that Bruises are a talented bunch with an abundance of ideas and a more than solid set of songs in their back-pocket. Dripping in groove and alternatively heavy, challenging and progressive, we’re already looking forward to catching them live again!

Tech/prog metallers AEONS [9] released their outstanding debut album, A Tragic End, last year and it’s blatantly obvious that they are fast becoming a band of considerable note, with new songs (from their soon to be released new EP) proving as insistent and instantly memorable as those taken from their debut.

When you can open your set with the immediate impact of “Vampire” you’re already on to a winner but it’s maintaining that initial energy that’s often hard to manage. AEONS do not disappoint in that respect and with the room buzzing and the walls dripping with sweat (covid-free, obviously), the energy built by incredible new track “Rubicon” (which was so well received it also served as an impromptu encore) and old favourites such as “Strange Aeons”, “Red Shift” and “Vengeance”, energy wasn’t just maintained throughout the set but threatened to collapse Compton Vaults low ceilings with its unfettered power.

The crashing wave of harmonious rage that is “Lighthouse” was a highlight and will surely go down as a future crowd favourite (having a ridiculously catchy chorus obviously helps) and with the room conforming to AEONS’ every will, these 5 talented individuals clearly have the live show to back up their fantastic songs.

You know when a gig flies by in a flash and you’re left wondering where the last hour went? This was one of those gigs and there can be no better compliment than that. Our only complaint? We wanted to hear what is arguably AEONS’ finest song yet, the exquisite prog metal opus that is “Evelyn“. But it is nearly 12 minutes long so we’ll give the guys a break, eh!

Someone put this outstanding band on a UK festival bill. NOW!

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  1. Thanks dude! And yes we are very lucky to have gigs on the IOM when no one else has right now. If any of your beautiful readers want to listen to us they can come find us @ https://aeons.online as any support in a COVID world is much appreciated 🙂

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