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Texas Metal Veterans MILITIA Announce New Album!

And the gods made power/thrash.....

Legendary Texan power thrashers MILITIA have announced the release of their new studio album, titled And The Gods Made War.

MILITIA vocalist and founder Mike Soliz says:

“The songs were originally released on the Strength And Honor demo CD we released in 2012, but technically speaking And The Gods Made War is a brand new studio album. We dug up and re-visited all the original stems, rough tracks and even all the alternative takes. Then the material was mixed from the scratch by Cederick Forsberg, and mastered by Bart Gabriel, who also produced the entire thing.”

To avoid confusions with the self release from 2012, the album has its new title alongside new artwork by Roberto Toderico, who previously worked with acts such as HEXX, TYGERS OF PAN TANG and ASPHYX.

Formed in 1984, MILITIA were a major part of the infamous Texasn metal scene of the 1980’s. The band played with local legends, including WATCHTOWER, SA SLAYER and ROTTING CORPSE, and big-hitters such as MEGADETH, SLAYER, KING DIAMOND and EXCITER.

Their outstanding debut EP, The Sybling, from 1986 is one of the holy grails of heavy metal and when it does show up on Internet auctions, it reaches prices higher than $2000!

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