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Back To The Start; Devin Townsend’s 10 Greatest Albums

Devin Townsend; guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, comedy voice-actor!

Epicloud (2012)

Source // cdn.bloody-disgusting.com

Source // cdn.bloody-disgusting.com

The empty suit and guitar suspended from nothing in the inlay of 2012’s grandiose Epicloud made one hell of a statement; this album is the work of  “a sober mind on autopilo”’, the artist says of the gospel choirs, vast walls of guitar and bombastic drums.

It is also an exercise in song writing brilliance; heavy as a really heavy thing one minute and feather-light the next, the decision to disengage his emotions and clinically write a brace of calculated songs resulting in one of his most focussed and awe-inspiring works to date.

There is some acknowledgement of its greatness as Townsend also states that, “I love it and it really breaks my heart.” Indeed, for all the upliftingly pedal down metal of “Animals”, “Liberation” and the crushing “Kingdom”, reincarnated from 2000’s lacklustre Physicist album, there are moments of beautiful melancholia as he muses on the human condition and all its frailties. Essential.

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