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Back To The Start; Devin Townsend’s 10 Greatest Albums

Devin Townsend; guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, comedy voice-actor!

Infinity (1998)

Source // img11.nnm.me

Source // img11.nnm.me

If 1997’s Ocean Machine was Dr Jekyll to City’s Mister Hyde then it was Infinity that showed the lengths Townsend was willing to go to in order to wring high art from the recording studio environment. While riding the wave of Strapping Young Lad’s growing success he holed up in a friend’s basement and created this grab-bag of brilliant musicianship and fearless sonic experimentation in October 1998.

Songs like “Christeen” and “War’”show just how well he could pen a heavy yet accessible tune, while instrumental cuts “Truth” and “Unity” demonstrated that even when he didn’t deploy his huge vocal range, the songs still whispered, spoke and shouted at you.

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