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Celebrating 30 Years of Cathedral’s The Ethereal Mirror….

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Art that is eventually lauded as ‘classic’ often meets with hostility and, at first, UK doom legends Cathedral were no exception to this rule!

By following up their Sabbath-worshipping debut, Forest Of Equilibrium, with further experimentation, a sea of fans who were expecting Lee Dorian’s new band to be Napalm Death Part 2 or a bonafide doom n’ gloom band were left all the more perplexed by yet another shift in direction.

The Ethereal Mirror showed utter contempt for convention with its dark fairy-tale landscape filled with crushing grooves, psychedelic leads, acoustic guitars and outrageous disco-funk gifting adventurous metal fans something truly unique to cling on to.

Songs like “Ride”, “Midnight Mountain” and “Grim Luxuria” were the work of craftsmen at the peak of their creative prowess and the doom metal scene – considered to be all but obsolete at the time – took a quantum leap forward into the unknown with this outstanding release.

Cathedral‘s The Ethereal Mirror was originally released on February 1st, 1993 via Columbia Records.

Cathedral – The Ethereal Mirror (CD) - Discogs

Track Listing:

1.“Violet Vortex (Intro)” (instrumental)Garry Jennings1:54
2.“Ride”Jennings, Lee Dorrian4:47
3.“Enter the Worms”Adam Lehan, Dorrian, David Bianco6:05
4.“Midnight Mountain”Jennings, Dorrian4:55
5.“Fountain of Innocence”Jennings, Dorrian7:13
6.“Grim Luxuria”Lehan, Dorrian4:46
7.“Jaded Entity”Jennings, Dorrian, Bianco7:53
8.“Ashes You Leave”Jennings, Lehan, Dorrian6:22
9.“Phantasmagoria”Dorrian, Lehan, Jennings, Bianco8:44
10.“Imprisoned in Flesh”Jennings, Dorrian1:47
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