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Mirror Of Deception – The Estuary – Album Review

Dive in....the Doom is lovely!

German traditional doom metal veterans Mirror Of Deception return after a 7 year absence and, for once, it’s comforting to hear that some things never change. Mirror Of Deception have always specialised in highly melodic, slightly-Gothic, doom metal which tends to lean towards the epic sounds conjured by the masters of the genre, Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus…..and The Estuary is no exception.

Neither overtly slow or mired in earth-shaking, bowel-loosening power, The Estuary instead ebbs and flows through mournful passages of mid-tempo gloom. It’s a well-worn approach but one, when coupled with Michael Sifferman’s enchanting vocal delivery, works extremely well and the likes of “To Drown A King” and “Divine” are particularly evocative and steeped in melancholy.

Labelling themselves as unorthodox doom metal may be stretching it a little – this is pretty standard trad doom fare to be fair – but Mirror Of Deception have a knack for delivering an overriding sense of foreboding which remains uniquely them. While not quite in the same league as their 2004 magnum opus, Foregone, this long awaited album of new material should still be considered a victory. 7/10

Mirror Of Deception’s The Estuary is now officially available on CD and as digital download.



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