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Anachronism – Meanders – Album Review

2023 has already seen a plethora of high quality releases and now it’s the turn of Lausanne’s very own technical death metallers Anachronism, who continue the trend with their third studio album, Meanders.

The sense of foreboding is immediate with this beast of an album, one that’s engulfed in a heavy dose of bass and vocal fury from vocalist Lisa Voisard. Each track, although singular in title, is far from one-dimensional and, for the most part, Meanders is unpredictable, complex and incorporates varying soundscapes throughout. Case in point is lead single and title track “Meanders”, which twists and turns in a manner its namesake suggests…. although at a much faster pace!

As the album moves through its natural progressions, the continuation of aggressiveness is rife. But, so too is the distinct nature of each individual track, all of which take the listener on a unique journey through a maze of Krallice meets Ulcerate dissonance and Atheist meets Death progressive death metal nous.

“Mirage” is a particular highlight but Meanders‘ sweeping atmospheres and ever-changing moods linger right up until the album’s conclusion and it’s very difficult not to be enamoured by the sheer scope of Anachronism‘s musicianship.

An incredibly well-structured palette of both emotion and technical audacity! 7/10

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Anachronism‘s Meanders was released on January 27th, 2023 via Unorthodox Emanations.

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