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British Doom Metal: The Greatest Albums

A Rumble Of Thunder, I'm Suddenly Under Doom's Spell.....

3. Paradise Lost – Gothic (1991)

Source // on-parole.com

Source // on-parole.com

One album; two genres successfully defined and it was just the start of Paradise Lost’s evolution into becoming one of Britain’s most fearless bands.

Paradise Lost’s second album arguably kickstarted the Gothic Metal sub-genre while the band were still redefining Death/Doom. Their pioneering use of female vocals, chilling keyboards and Nick Holmes unmistakable Death Metal roar proving Paradise Lost were leaders in their field and cowered to no one.

Home to many of their most adored compositions, Gothic‘s maturity was tangible, a group of musicians led by Gregor MacKintosh’s unmistakable guitar sound, venturing into realms unknown and introducing rarely heard melody to Doom Metal’s genuinely monolithic drone.

Wrap your earholes around “Gothic” and “Eternal” and tell us that sound still doesn’t invoke shivers 24 years after its release!

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