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British Doom Metal: The Greatest Albums

A Rumble Of Thunder, I'm Suddenly Under Doom's Spell.....

7. Pagan Altar – Mythical And Magical (2008)

Source // moole.ru

Source // moole.ru

Veterans of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Pagan Altar truly made their impact once they reformed in 2004 and released the magnificent Mythical And Magical in 2008.

Fusing core elements of Traditional Heavy Metal with the Classic Doom Metal they themselves pioneered in the early 80’s, Lords Of Hypocrisy will transport you back to the glory days of Sabbath, Necromandus and Witchfinder General.

Exhibiting a paganist sound that definitively grounds Mythical And Magical as a British release, Pagan Altar’s fusion of Folk, 70’s Heavy Metal and an ancient sound that renders the album strangely dateless results in the most warmly organic album on this list.

Bewitching and unashamedly retro, Pagan Altar’s updating of Folk staples and Classic Heavy Metal mentality are particularly showcased on the outstanding “Rising Of The Dark Lord” and the alluring “The Cry Of The Banshee“.

Hanging onto their Doom status by the skin of their teeth, this may not be the out and out Doom you’d expect but it’s an essential purchase for those with a passing interest in older than old-school Heavy Metal. Doom wouldn’t be Doom if it weren’t for Pagan Altar.

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