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British Doom Metal: The Greatest Albums

A Rumble Of Thunder, I'm Suddenly Under Doom's Spell.....

6. Solstice -New Dark Age (1998)

Source // f1.bcbits.com

Source // f1.bcbits.com

Epic Doom Metal at its finest, Solstice’s New Dark Age channeled the no-fear approach of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and carved their own niche .

In 1998, precious few bands were attempting to write music so gloriously British, so fundamentally Metal and so in thrall to the grandeur of Doom legends Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus and Messiah Marcolin-fronted Candlemass.

Exhibiting circean qualities, New Dark Age can be counted as one of those rare albums that, once heard, root themselves deep in your psyche; a mesmerisingly pleasing experience that retains the sense of danger that comes with true Heavy Metal.

Majestically structured and powerfully poignant, tracks such as “Cimmerian Codex” appeared to take the entire history of Great Britain, its politics, its military fascination alongside its windswept landscapes and embark on a Cromwellian conquest that only had one outcome; Solstice were crowned the new kings of British Doom.

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