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British Doom Metal: The Greatest Albums

A Rumble Of Thunder, I'm Suddenly Under Doom's Spell.....

9. The Prophecy – Into The Light (2009)

Source // static.qobuz.com

Source // static.qobuz.com

These Yorkshire Doom-mongers walk a progressively minded Death/Doom path and Into The Light is the piece de resistance in an exemplary back catalogue.

Notable for their intricate musicianship, and Anathema-influenced melodic quality, juxtaposed with some of the most ferocious Death/Doom this side of a Winter/Paramaecium bunk-up, The Prophecy’s fourth album is an exhausting journey through every twist and turn Doom Metal has to offer.

Mixing classical and traditional Doom elements, including powerfully delivered clean vocals and acoustic pauses, with exemplary growls during their monolithically heavy outbursts, it’s the varying of pace through each complex composition that impresses the most. Whether it’s the up-tempo opening of “Waters Deep” which descends into dejection or the slowly crushing dirge of the outstanding title track, which metamorphosises into a soaring, beautifully rendered moment reminiscent of Opeth at their most considered, Into The Light has it all; an unsung Doom Metal landmark to cherish.

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