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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of UK Death Metal

Dive deep into the back catalogue of UK death metal!

Monolith – Tales Of The Macabre (1993)

Obscure as fuck, Monolith recorded just the one full length album. But, when that one album is the almighty death/thrash opus Tales Of The Macabre, you’d better take heed!

A bit of history: Monolith began life in 1990 but under the guise of Catalepsy. After a swift name change in ’91, the band released their Sleep With the Dead EP before, supposedly, vanishing without a trace. However, Monolith actually recorded a full length album – titled Tales Of The Macabre – which was never released to the public, forever plunging it into obscurity!

Featuring extreme metal legend Nick Barker on drums (you know the chap, he of every important extreme metal band in existence!), you’d be forgiven for thinking this beast should be more well known.

And so it bloody well should be!

In 1993, Tales Of The Macabre was relatively brutal stuff – a little on the simple side perhaps – but still satisfyingly heavy and dripping with malevolence. Taking their cues from the eerie, otherworldly work of early Entombed and fellow countrymen Benediction, Monolith also embraced a death/doom approach, resulting in an album that offers variety and no end of bludgeoning power.

Why Tales Of The Macabre failed to secure a proper release is a mystery. This shit slays!

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