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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of UK Death Metal

Dive deep into the back catalogue of UK death metal!

Decomposed – Hope Finally Died (1993)

Source // nuclearblast.de

Admittedly, we’re in death/doom territory here but Decomposed’s Hope Finally Died is the most absurdly overlooked album in death/doom history, and UK metal in general, and deserves to be highlighted at every given opportunity!

Deceptively simple, the beauty of this staggering release lay not in its musicality, nor its vocal prowess or even its songwriting nous. At face value, all these facets seemed relatively generic but the true reason this savagely under-appreciated cornerstone of death/doom deserved higher praise, is down to the almost unparalleled way in which Decomposed blended the mournful melancholy of doom with the caustic and cathartic blur of death metal aggression; each song unearthing a new spin on an already standard formula and expertly fusing sorrowful soliloquay’s with neck-breaking riffs.

Whether primitive old-school death metal savagery or shuffling excursions into doom metal’s swampy territory peels your onions, Decomposed’s one and only full length should be mandatory listening.

Unearth its treasures and discover why Hope Finally Died… is not only a hidden gem but also a defining moment in UK death/doom metal history!

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