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6 Under-Appreciated Classics Of 80’s American Heavy Metal (Part 2)


Seduce – Seduce (1985)

Highly melodic, Seduce seductively seduced (too much?) with a heady mix of Sunset Strip glam and American power metal muscle….and hairspray, obviously!

Forming in Detroit in the early 80’s, these Motor City mavericks specialised in ballsy heavy metal while maintaining just enough of a commercial sheen to appeal to the masses. Sadly though, things didn’t quite go to plan!

If you haven’t heard of them – and only true 80’s metal aficionados probably have – then the fact that Seduce didn’t climb metal’s heady heights will comes as no surprise but one listen to Seduce’s self titled debut will have you questioning why!

These guys had the chops to make it big and Seduce remains a consistently exciting and energetic 80’s American heavy metal album from a decade that churned out albums of this quality at a frightening rate.

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  1. Héctor Hurtado // June 12, 2018 at 5:46 pm // Reply

    What about Angel of Mercy? I was listening to their album the other day, pretty solid metal!

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