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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Eversin – Armageddon Genesi

Armageddon approaches....

Italian post-thrashers Eversin always sound like a nuclear detonation and with new album, Armageddon Genesi, the end of the world is apparently upon us…..in sonic form at least!

Thundering, clattering rhythms provide the backbone, with a heavy influence on juddering riffs and a strong sense of neck-breaking groove. “Jornada Del Muerto” (translation: journey of death/journey of the dead men) is an absolute colossus, a vertebrae-shattering high speed descent into post thrash madness while “Soulgrinder” aptly slows the pace (a little) and grinds through your guys with maximum killing capacity.

sonically devastating, there are moments which prove to be almost overwhelmingly heavy – often at the expense of sound clarity – but as far as Eversin’s modus operandi of ushering in armageddon goes……well, consider their mission well and truly accomplished!

“Havoc Supreme” finds Eversin combining the sounds of Gossow-era Arch Enemy with the futuristic sheen of Fear Factory and the dark grooves of Skinlab….while still maintaining a traditional thrash undercurrent. Quite the combination but one that Eversin deliver with some aplomb! It’s another earth-shattering tirade and proves that Eversin’s songwriting has considerably improved since 2015’s Trinity: The Annihilation

The post-thrash tag (not always befitting as Eversin are as much a groove machine as they are post thrashers) is at least vindicated on the impressively versatile “Where Angels Die” while expansive, epic closer “To The Gates Of The Abyss” then compounds the statement with the kind of stomping riff Machine Head/Pissing Razors/Grip Inc. specialised in back in the 90’s.

A couple of guests pop up, most notably ex-Iced Earth, ex-Death, ex-Deicide guitarist Ralph Santolla on the aforementioned “Soulgrinder” (latest news reports indicate Ralph is currently in a coma after suffering a heart attack and we wish/hope for his speedy recovery) and current Malevolent Creation vocalist Lee Wollenschlaeger growls magnificently over the title track, proving to be more than just token, attention grabbing, name-checking.

If progressive, post-thrash/groove/death metal is a thing, then Eversin are the masters and Armageddon Genesi must be considered their finest album to date, no question! 8/10

Armageddon Genesi is out on 29th June, 2018 via My Kingdom Music

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