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5 Metal Albums You Cannot Ignore In August 2017!

These albums have made Worship Metal a little moist in anticipation.....

Rabid Bitch Of The North – Nothing But A Bitter Taste

Released: August 18th

Despite being on the go for ten years and having released a number of E.P’s and singles, Nothing But A Bitter Taste is Rabid Bitch Of The North‘s debut album.

It’s about time they released a full length and what a full length of frivolous fun Nothing But A Bitter Taste is!

These lovingly crafted paeans to the glory days of the NWOBHM are bristling with a fuck you attitude and excitement that is missing from many acts that attempt to travel this same road. After all, there’s nothing wrong with some good old balls-out, no fucking about, heavy fuckin’ metal and, as luck would have it, that’s exactly what Belfast’s very own Rabid Bitch Of The North deal in!

It’s time to ROCK muthafuckers!

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  1. Musically it’s pretty good, very talented musicians. Vocals are absolutely terrible, destroyed the song. Get a singer and this band will be pretty good.

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