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The 12 Greatest UK Metal Debuts of 2017!

We predict big big things from this little lot!

UK metal and hard rock is currently in very rude health and 2017 unearthed a shit-load of quality full-length debuts from bands with huge potential.

So, in no particular order, here’s our favourite UK metal full length debuts from 2017….we predict big big things from this little lot!

12. Rabid Bitch of the North – A Bitter Pill To Taste

First up, the trad metal noise of Belfast’s very own Rabid Bitch Of The North (our winner for best band name of the year too)!

This bunch of bastards dealt in heavy fuckin’ metal of the purest kind and A Bitter Pill To Taste‘s paeans to the glory days of the NWOBHM bristled with a refreshing fuck you attitude. With absolute conviction and balls-out bluster, RBotN (that’s how their name should be written from now on, right!), channelled Priest, Accept and the greats of the NWoBhM to deliver a raw reinvention of classic sounds.

Stick this bitch on your stereophonic system and the throwing of horns and snapping of neck muscles is sure to shortly follow!

11. The Crawling – Anatomy Of Loss

Source // The Crawling – Anatomy of Loss

Anatomy of Loss was the debut full-length from The Crawling, a trio of death/doomers hailing from Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

With the melancholy stylings of classic Paradise Lost proving strong influences, there may not have been anything particularly groundbreaking about Anatomy of a Loss, but lyrics, tone, and instrumentation all came together to create a solid expression of mourning.

With a blend of tremolo death riffs, single-note doom riffs, and dissonant chord progressions, the songs on Anatomy Of Loss proved varied enough to stay interesting without once losing the depressing, bleak edge that was the album’s theme, resulting in a debut doom effort of considerable power.

10. Vice – The First Chapter

Simply a classic sounding ol’ fashioned metal dust up, Vice specialise in riffs, shit-loads of the fuckers and the seven deadly sins (+ 1 extra track for some reason) of “Wrath”, “Gluttony”, “Pride” etc were captured via hard-edged metal anthems on debut album, The First Chapter.

The Metal Archives describe Vice as melodic death metal/metalcore but these guys have far more in common with the likes of Machine Head, as gruff but soaring vocals, complex structures, scintillating solos and all manner of time-changes kept things firmly in the realms of thrashy HEAVY FUCKIN’ METAL!

An outstanding debut from a band with the capability to make waves on the International scene, hopefully, this was just the first chapter of many!

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  1. Beyond Grace’s debut is absolutely stunning. Groove, progressive death metal with a big chunk of melody. Despite them not being on the list it’s exciting that the UK metal scene is in such a great place with so much talent

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