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5 Metal Albums You Cannot Ignore In August 2017!

These albums have made Worship Metal a little moist in anticipation.....

Ursinne – Swim With The Leviathan

Released: 20th August

Two of the busiest gents in death metal have joined forces to unleash merry hell in the name of old-school, Swedish death metal carnage….and they go by the name of Ursinne!

Dave Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower, Ex-Benediction, ex-Hail Of Bullets, Down Among The Dead Men, Echelon) & Jonny Pettersson (Henry Kane, Wombbath, Just Before Dawn amongst others) have converged to show us all how this shit should be done and Swim With The Leviathan is an album that lives and dies by its intensity, coming at you like a dozen enraged Leatherface’s with chainsaw’s raised, buzzing inches from your face.

Ursinne deliver death metal goodies like their lives depend on it and the result is a shoe-in on many a death-head’s best of the year list!

Need proof? “Talons” will rip you a new a-hole:

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  1. Musically it’s pretty good, very talented musicians. Vocals are absolutely terrible, destroyed the song. Get a singer and this band will be pretty good.

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