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5 Metal Albums You Cannot Ignore In August 2017!

These albums have made Worship Metal a little moist in anticipation.....

Venom Inc. – Avé

Released: August 11th

Reuniting the core line-up of Venom’s Prime Evil album (and the subsequent era), Venom Inc. are here to deliver dirty, grimy death/thrash ditties and those familiar with M-Pire of Evil will know what to expect (this is ostensibly the same band); tolling bells, a fire and brimstone atmosphere and with song titles such as “Forged In Hell” and “I Kneel To No God”, you’ll be left in no doubt that these guys mean serious business!

Mantas, Abandon and Demolition Man are obviously no strangers to the world of extreme metal but Avé will still surprise those not expecting an album so intent on crushing all in its path. The UK’s favourite satanic sons have delivered on their pact and offered up a consistently impressive debut of considerable power.

Eternal damnation is guaranteed.

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  1. Musically it’s pretty good, very talented musicians. Vocals are absolutely terrible, destroyed the song. Get a singer and this band will be pretty good.

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