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10 Obscure Old-School Thrash Albums You Need To Hear! (Part 1)

Obscure.....but still well worthy of your time!

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The classics are all well and good but there’s a shit ton of obscure thrash out there that demands to be heard!

To that end, Worship Metal has selected 10 obscure old-school thrash albums you NEED to hear. And, this is just Part 1…..there’s plenty more to come!

Anacrusis – Suffering Hour (1988) [USA]

Anacrusis – Suffering Hour (1988, Vinyl) - Discogs

Anacrusis‘ debut, Suffering Hour, remains an overlooked moment in thrash history and is the only album in their formidable back catalogue to be classifiable as true ‘thrash’,

Joining the likes of WatchtowerVoivod and Mekong Delta in constructing complex arrangements and schizophrenically unique songs that flow through dozens of exhilarating tempo changes, Anacrusis’ youthful exuberance and disjointed clamour exhibited nothing but an alluring charm and a desire to challenge thrash’s boundaries.

Anacrusis’ debut had it all – intelligence, alarming momentum, hollowed-out groove, fiendish rhythms, atonal experimentation, a forebodingly dark and dense sound and a character all of its own; precious few albums are capable of surprising the listener with each repeat listen but Suffering Hour achieved this and more.

Archaic Torse – Sneak Attack (1992) [Germany]

Archaic Torse – Sneak Attack (1992, CD) - Discogs

Devilishly dark and devastatingly heavy, Archaic Torse may be an unknown quantity to all but the most ardent death/thrash fan, but the likes of the lightning-speed and groove-heavy “Beyond The Great Divide” and the blistering title track should endear then to the Archaic Torse novice instantaneously.

Treading a similar path to fellow countrymen ProtectorArchaic Torse erred on the side of death metal but also ripped up a thrashing storm when desired, pummelling the listener with brutal vocals and a penchant for channelling the ferocity of early Pestilence.

Overall, Sneak Attack was a very strong debut from a band who sadly never released a follow-up and death/thrash fans unfamiliar with its charms should seek it out…..immediately!

Asphyxia – Exit:Reality (1991) [Belgium]

Asphyxia – Exit: Reality (2016, CD) - Discogs

Proving that Belgium isn’t all about waffles, chocolates and beer, Asphyxia were full of promise but released just the one full length album. In this case, it was the scintillating Exit: Reality; a Bay Area-esque cruncher that could stand toe-to-toe with any second-tier Californian act!

Delivering the kind of huge choruses, moshable bounce and deadly gang vokills that made the likes of Atrophy so irresistible, Asphyxia’s gruff delivery was matched only by their speed and unforgiving assault. With no time for showboating or thrash balladry, Exit: Reality‘s 10 tracks simply ripped with 100% authenticity.

Above average thrash from an unfairly ignored band!

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  1. Asphyxia’s Exit Reality is an amazing album. I can’t believe they did not continue on.
    Great list.

  2. Chris,

    What other Thrash bands can you recommend beyond the 1st tiers?

  3. Thank you Chris!

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