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10 Obscure Old-School Thrash Albums You Need To Hear! (Part 1)

Obscure.....but still well worthy of your time!

Detritus – If But For One (1993) [UK]

Detritus - If But For One (Legends Remastered) - Amazon.com Music

An anomaly for (ironically) more than one reason, Detritus‘ second full length album remains one of the most experimental UK thrash albums in existence and one which found this Christian thrash act branching out in all manner of unexpected directions.

Still resolutely thrash, it’s the far-reaching compositional skill that elevated this album into the category of ‘must-hear’ with subtlety and acoustic dexterity nestling nicely next to honest-to-goodness thrashing (and a thrashed-up sea shanty, for fucks sake!).

Truly a one of a kind album, those thrashers who enjoy a band who go for broke and take thrash into pastures new need to hear this album to fully appreciate the talent and potential on display.

Num Skull – Ritually Abused (1988) [USA]

Num Skull – Ritually Abused (2014, Purple, Vinyl) - Discogs

Ritually Abused may have been ritually ignored on release but there’s no denying its thrash pedigree and albums this savage rarely reared their snarling, slathering head in the late 80’s.

Redefining what it meant to be truly brutal, Num Skull‘s debut may have been neanderthal in essence but fans of Kreator’s early noise – and those fond of the ferocity of Reign in Blood era Slayer and Exodus circa Bonded By Blood – would undoubtedly offer themselves up to the kind of abuse Num Skull were dishing out.

Speed, aggression and unbelievably unhinged vocals characterised album highlights “The Henchman”, the Exodus-esque “No Morals” and the utterly merciless title track….true American hate performed by absolute maniacs!

Outrage – Black Clouds (1988) [Japan]

Outrage – Black Clouds (1991, CD) - Discogs

Black Clouds is the 1988 full-length release from Japanese thrashers Outrage…..and what an album it is!

Indebted to the Bay Area (and particularly Megadeth), Outrage were adept at writing crunchy thrash numbers which were both satisfyingly heavy and catchy as fuck. Opener “Curtain Of History” is an absolute triumph (and also recalls the stomp of prime Xentrix, replete with Chris Astley rasp) as it bulldozes its way through the rough terrain.

The ‘obligatory’ thrash ballad is present and accounted for in the formidable shape of the “In My Darkest Hour” esque title track, but it’s the satisfying Bay Area crunch you’re here for, and Outrage provide it in spades.

Sure, the majority of the songs on Black Clouds sound much the same but when they’re this good, who really gives a shit!

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  1. Asphyxia’s Exit Reality is an amazing album. I can’t believe they did not continue on.
    Great list.

  2. Chris,

    What other Thrash bands can you recommend beyond the 1st tiers?

  3. Thank you Chris!

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