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Festival Goer. Lifelong Liverpool Fan. If you don't think The Chase is television gold then leave. Seriously. Go. Now. I'm a doss about student with too much time and too little interest to do anything. I got fully into metal when my sister told me it was just a phase, spitefully I've been a die hard metal head ever since. Hit me up on Twitter @Dousty95
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Disperse – Foreword – Album Review

March 16, 2017

Polish quartet Disperse’s third album Foreword came out just under a month ago and to put it very bluntly, it’s fucking brilliant. These prog metallers have [...]

Kadinja – Ascendancy – Album Review

February 25, 2017

Finally, three years after releasing their critically acclaimed debut EP, Kadinja are gracing us with their first full length album, Ascendancy and boy was it worth the [...]