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Spacetrucker – Launch Sequence – Album Review

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With their debut album coming out in time for their US Tour, St Louis based stoner rockers Spacetrucker will be hoping that Launch Sequence blasts into your eardrums more savagely than when Ash beats Team Rocket (though we’ve heard there’s a new episode where Ash loses, what’s happening with the world!?!).

Either way, Launch Sequence takes off on the 31st of March and its hard to see it coming down any time soon after that! Boasting riffs thicker than Nicki Minaj’s butt implants, Launch Sequence is a mixture of luscious grooves and bass that makes your balls tingle in a way that you’ve not quite come to terms with yet but you know you like it. The opening track “New Pubes’ has an ominous opening riff, it’s understated in the vocal department and is a great taste of what’s to come (but why the hell is it called “New Pubes”???).

A huge shout out must also go to the following highlights:

“Old Flower” sounds like Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden had an earth-shattering orgy and “Old Flower” was its lovechild.

“The Science Of Us” gets the nod just for using the best fucking instrument on this hell-hole of a planet; the Cowbell!

Finally, the closing track, “Aint Gonna Be Me”, has a beautiful guitar solo capable of making anyone who isn’t sexually attracted to great guitarists (which, come on, is secretly all of us) stiffer than a cold sea breeze.

Spacetrucker’s Launch Sequence is simply a great, no nonsense, groove-fest. There’s moments to get those fists pumping and there’s moments to sit back, close your eyes and drift into a stoner rock fuelled technicolor day dream. In the aftermath of what was the greatest Superbowl of all time, there will be no shocks in Launch Sequence….just slick grungey, stoner goodness. 7/10

Spacetrucker - Launch Sequence

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