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Dobermann – Pure Breed – Album Review

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Dobermann’s new release Pure Breed came out on the 11th of March and it sure has a hell of a lot of bark (get it, it’s a dog joke, cause they’re called Dobermann? Never mind). In the introductory track “SPNC” – which references every track that follows – there’s a lyric which says, “so you think Rock’N’Roll is dead? Just listen to the music” and that is exactly what this album is….good ol’ reliable Rock ‘N’ fuckin’ Roll!

Pure Breed is packed with tracks that drive you to bounce, air guitar and fist bump your nearest hard rockin’ comrade. There’s enough great solos to make Han proud (he shot first) and “Taking In The Out Takes” is a perfect example of all of this; a cracker of an introduction that gets you moving replete with a catchy sing-a-long chorus and a ripper of a solo.

‘I Fucking Hate Drummers’ (which you feel really needs some context) is another great track, it’s down to earth and we’re sure that some of you may be able to relate to the lyrical anti-drummer content, though if you are a drummer, prepare to have your sense of humour tested! In fact, the album is full of tracks with lyrics that you can (possibly) relate to…..”I Need A Holiday”, who doesn’t? “Stuck In Traffic”, all the fucking time!

With Pure Breed, Dobermann have done exactly what they set out to do and they go above and beyond that, creating a storming album that will sink its teeth into you and will not let go easily! (A dog joke to open and close, top class!). 7/10

Dobermann Pure Breed

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