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Disperse – Foreword – Album Review

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Polish quartet Disperse’s third album Foreword came out just under a month ago and to put it very bluntly, it’s fucking brilliant. These prog metallers have produced something that deserves so many rounds of applause that your hands would end up a bloody pulp and you’d be crying in agony, endlessly clapping….but you’d just never want to stop. Ever.

There’s probably a debate to be had about whether or not Foreword is actually metal but that’s to be had by someone that actually cares. If you’re too busy moaning about it not being metal enough and not appreciating the literal beauty on offer, then to put it again very bluntly, you’re a twat.

Foreword opens with “Stay” and “Stay” is a masterpiece. It sounds like a euphoric flight through the solar system, playful and evocative it really buckles you in for the ride to come. Foreword then moves onto “Surrender” which is so soothing and relaxing, you could just melt out of existence listening to it. “Bubbles” is then one of those songs that when you hear it for the first time, it feels like you’ve known it your entire life. Finally, special mention must go to “Does It Matter How Far?” which is a 9 minute instrumental that’s blissful, rhythmically complex and just plain magical.

We could really just go on about Foreword all day. There’s more layers than Shrek (Ogres are like onions). The melodies are beautiful, the subtle shifts in rhythm and vocal tones are gentle, kind and loving. The emotive depth of Foreword is phenomenal. It’s happiness encapsulated in an album; uplifting, joyous, it’s really, really, really, really, really, really, good.

With Foreword, Disperse have created something memorable and provocative. It’s the ultimate album for sitting in a garden, drinking cider and basking in the heat of the sun as you drift away into a majestic soundscape-fuelled lull. 9/10

Disperse Foreword

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