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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – The Darkhorse – The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep

A dark horse indeed!

Source // The Darkhorse - The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep

Hailing from the muddy fields and pig sheds of Northamptonshire, The Darkhorse are a 4 piece metal band with the heart of doom and sludge but with the lungs of a hardcore band, drawing their influences from the likes of Sabbath, Superjoint Ritual, The Chariot and Crowbar.

Or so says the press release for the debut album from The Darkhorse and it’s a pretty bang-on description of the politically and socially charged noise found on The Darkhorse’s The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep. One of the few bands right now that could probably go 10 rounds with the mighty Raging Speedhorn, this barrage of sandpaper-ravaged vocals, barrelling grooves and mammoth-fucking chords (also think fellow UK noise-merchants Lifer if endless comparisons are your thing) is a welcome punch in the chops from a band whose sludgy goodness deserves to be wallowed in.

And wallow we did.

The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep should leave sludge/doom fans in a state of toxic shock and when the lethal gang vocals and stomping riffs of the likes of “March Of The Infected” kick in, that shock will turn into involuntary liquid explosions. Yeah, it’s that good you’re gonna mess yourself!

Ferociously violent, the gore described on the brutal “Hecatomb” as hammer collides with skull may lend a death metal style approach to the lyrics but we are in pure fat-riff heaven here, conjuring the kind of murky atmosphere and suffocating density that normally sounds this good only when it’s been birthed in the Deep South of the US of A.

Simply put, The Darkhorse are something particularly special. So, make it to the end of this beast and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back….you’ve just proudly survived the cull of The Darkhorse! Now go back and play this fucker again! 9/10

The Carcass Of The Sun Will Sleep is available to pre-order now at:

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