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Kill For Company – This Sadness Lasts Forever – EP Review

Source // Kill For Company - This Sadness Lasts Forever

London based metal crew Kill For Company have a new(ish) EP, titled This Sadness Lasts Forever, to introduce to the world and the first thing that grabs your attention is the off-kilter rhythms found on the likes of “Democracy Has Failed”. A colossal track containing a frenetic intro which then bleeds effortlessly into a Pantera meets tech death deluge of relentless riffing and antagonistic rhetoric.

“Democracy Has Failed” may be the closing track but the above description aptly describes a band who combine a multitude of styles into each and every fearless track, resulting in a schizophrenic yet satisfyingly confrontational release. Ostensibly, Kill For Company pack everything including the kitchen sink into their white-water squall….but somehow they manage to not drown themselves in it!

This is no mean feat as influences do collide headlong. From the djent-esque breakdown that closes the aforementioned “Democracy Has Failed” to the nu-metal styled “Isolation” which seems to meld Slipknot with Decapitated, genre lines are blurred and mangled beyond repair.

Admittedly, these 4 tracks do borrow (respectfully) from a little bit of everything. They’re a little bit death metal, a little bit groove metal, a little bit tech metal, a little bit werrrr, a little bit weyyyyyyy! (check out The Fast Show if you were born after the 1990’s and that reference went over your head). That being said, This Sadness Lasts Forever does still maintain its own, warped, identity and the results are uniformly rewarding throughout.

Bring on the full length album! 7/10

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