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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Solitary – The Diseased Heart Of Society

Source // Solitary - The Diseased Heart Of Society

Well, we waited a while for The Diseased Heart Of Society, didn’t we!

UK thrash machines Solitary last released an album in 2008, in the shape of the hard-hitting Requiem, and while they’ve remained busy on the live front, new material has been noticeably absent. Until now.

Solitary are back and they sound seriously pissed off and in total dismay at the state of the world in 2017….the perfect conditions for a lesson in THRASH violence, wouldn’t you say?

Consequently, what has emerged – from a band who have always flown the flag for UK thrash even through very lean times – is a prescient reminder that Solitary are still here, they’re still relevant and they’re still capable of delivering a modern sounding exercise in streamlined thrash brutality!

Frontman Rich Sherrington must have been cleaning his teeth with hot coals lately, as the fire burning in this mans belly to deliver a UK thrash masterclass in 2017 is writ large through a vocal performance that delivers a combination of Testament’s Chuck Billy and Xentrix’s Chris Astley. Basically, the man sounds absolutely furious and ‘furious’ frankly sums up this entire album.

Opening couplet “Blackened Skies/Wait” teases with a time-honoured thrash strum of barely restrained tension before exploding into a staccato riff-fest the likes of which Solitary have always threatened, but never delivered with such absolute conviction. However, the title of ‘most ferocious’ track belongs to lead-off single “Unidentified”, a full-throttle freak-out that ditches finesse for savagery and acts as an adrenaline surge to the very heart of The Diseased Heart of Society. This will be a live favourite for years to come, guaranteed!

“The Edge Of Violence” could also be the most ‘catchy’ track Solitary have ever penned with Exodus levels of speedy word-play (Zetro style!) backed by a blitzkrieg of cranium-crushing riffing and a powerhouse percussive performance from Roy Miller; hard as fuckin’ nails and an instantly memorable moment.

It’s clear to hear that The Diseased Heart Of Society is the finest recorded output of Solitary’s 23 year career; brash, bold and full-bodied, this is the sound of modern UK thrash primed to kick the ass of all those brave enough to sample its delights. Just don’t leave it so long to the next one eh lads! 8/10

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