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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Obzidian – Obliteration Process


Source // Obzidian

It’s time to put on your happy thrash pants and dive headfirst into the pit because Obzidian’s Obliteration Process is here to slay your enemies with an onslaught of groove, thrash and extreme metal diatribes!

It’s fair to say these guys have been round the block a few times – they formed in 2001 – but that experience is now paying dividends as its been a while since we’ve heard a 12 track album so full of blazing intent. With not a single second wasted, Obzidian have reached a new level of confidence and power (sic) and you should take a very, very deep breath before pressing play on this beast because it’s a leviathan that never once lets you up for air.

This fucker simply doesn’t let up. Track after track supplies oodles of groove, mountains of meaty riffs, vocals that would make Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe reach for a lozenge and a hit rate to rival the best of ’em. That being said, “Beaten Into Submission” is the undoubted highlight, fully living up to its name with its pummelling rhythms and intimidating violence and it leaves our American cousins who peddle a similar brand of mayhem (think Devildriver, Lamb Of God, Throwdown, Darkest Hour etc) looking rather anaemic.

In fact, the UK seems to be coughing up exhilarating examples of extreme metal mayhem like this on a weekly basis and alongside relatively recent releases from Warcrab, ((RSJ)) and Krysthla, Obliteration Process is now here to reaffirm your faith in the UK’s underground metal scene. On this evidence, us Brits aren’t just competing anymore…. we’re winning the race by a country mile!

Obliteration Process is a modern metallic wrecking ball, as high octane as you can imagine and filled with more riffs and ideas than your tiny little brain can handle. If Lamb Of God are too soft for ya, Obzidian are your new go-to-boys! Simply outstanding. 9/10


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