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Everest Queen – Everest Queen – EP Review

Source // Everest Queen

Cut yourself a big ol’ slice of sludge pie because Everest Queen are here to feed your appetite for murky grooves, swampy thrills and progressively-minded, doom-inflected sludge metal!

Progged up to the nines, Everest Queen steer their sludge splattered ship into relatively uncharted waters with their self-titled debut EP, splicing together doom, prog and sludge to settle on both familiar shores and new discoveries of their own. As expected, they deliver the kind of crushing noise usually associated with the likes of Crowbar etc but Everest Queen’s true talent lies in channeling the challenging work of Isis and their ilk (at this stage, think Celestial as opposed to Panopticon). With seismic riffs morphing into distortion-drenched introspection, Everest Queen are as adept at writing neck-wrecking riffs (check out the mountain-mover that closes EP highlight “Curse Of The Everest Queen”) as they are at building atmospherics; resulting in an overall varied experience.

Everest Queen‘s three tracks clock in at just over a quarter of an hour and achieve plenty in such a short space of time, conjuring the kind of rumbling cataclysmic noise expected from a sludge metal release (sounds painful) while simultaneously shaking off the shackles of the sub-genre. Post sludge anyone? 7/10

Source // Everest Queen

Source // Everest Queen

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