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25 Of The Most Under-Appreciated Albums In German Thrash History!

Put down your Kreator, Destruction, Sodom & Tankard records.....this is what you should be listening to!

No disrespect to Kreator, Destruction, Sodom and Tankard but German thrash has so much more to offer than just Pleasure To Kill, Eternal Devastation, Agent Orange and Chemical Invasion! With a rich history of underground classics and a devastating array of tech/prog thrash masterpieces toiling away in the background, it’s high time the under-appreciated albums in German thrash history had their day.

With that in mind, Worship Metal has selected 25 of the most under-appreciated albums in German thrash that deserve to be as highly regarded as their more ‘mainstream’ peers.

Starting with….

Accuser – Who Dominates Who (1989)

Source // moole.ru

Source // moole.ru

Approaching their brand of thrash metal with an eye for experimentation and a flurry of time-changes, Accuser‘s Who Dominates Who may have arrived at the tail end of the 80’s but it still had something new to say.

Each track on Who Dominates Who slams hard with colossal choruses, hardcore shouts and a grinding sound that relentlessly pummels its way into your brain. It’s pretty safe to say that Metallica’s stop-start chug and elaborate song-structures were Accuser’s main inspiration and that’s no surprise considering the year it was recorded.

On an album spilling over with epic thrash tracks it’s “Symbol Of Hate” and the title-track that pack the biggest one-two punch; each song meandering through endlessly inventive machine-gun riffs and full-force battery.

Accuser may never have been spoken off in the same breath as the genre’s greats but Who Dominates Who is the one album in their back catalogue that rises high above the status of also-rans.

Incidentally, Accuser’s new album The Mastery is out now!

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2 Comments on 25 Of The Most Under-Appreciated Albums In German Thrash History!

  1. Thanks for this nice collection. I am from Germany and started listening to metal in the late 80s and even I didn’t know some of the albums mentioned here. Biggest surprises were Despair, Megace, Deathrow, Vandetta and Iron Angel. I knew pretty much of the rest, but forgot some them in the last years. For Angel Dust I’ve seen that they also have newer stuff like ‘Of Human Bondage’ which sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for reminding me of those cool bands back in the days!

  2. Chris Jennings // July 9, 2018 at 9:10 am // Reply

    Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the feature!

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