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Annihilator: Ranking The Canadian Thrash Legends 6 Vocalists!

6 Vocalists Over 15 Albums But Who Annihilates The Competition?

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It was quite a surprise to learn that long-term Annihilator vocalist Dave Padden had quit the Canadian Thrash trailblazers after 11 successful years. Adding to Annihlator’s already very long list of retired frontmen, Padden’s absence on new album Suicide Society (due for release on 18th September via UDR Music) will be filled by Annihilator founder – and multi-instrumentalist shred-legend – Jeff Waters, who makes a return to lead vocals once again.

This is not the first time Jeff has had to step up to the mic. Annihilator’s history is chequered with disappearing/reappearing frontmen over the bands 15 albums and Jeff himself has now handled lead vocals on 4 of them.

Worship Metal casts it eye over a Thrash legacy that has contributed to many all-time Thrash classics and ranks the 6 vocalists who have fronted the Canadian Thrashers over the years (Jeff Waters included).

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6. Joe Comeau

Source // on-parole.com

Source // on-parole.com

Lead Vocals on Carnival Diablos (2001) & Waking The Fury (2002)

Joe Comeau is an accomplished  vocalist, his time as frontman with Liege Lord and as guitarist/backing vocalist with Overkill stands as testament to that, but his stint as frontman for Annihilator was not only short-lived, it was also ill-fitting.

On Carnival Diablos, something about Joe’s classic Heavy Metal style steered the band away from their technical Thrash roots and in to solid but unspectacular Hard Rock territory. This unnecessary diversion was corrected on the following years Waking The Fury – particularly on the ripping “Ultra-Motion” – an album that Thrashed harder than most in 2002 but after only 3 years in the Annihilator fold, Joe upped sticks and eventually rejoined Power-Thrashers Liege Lord.

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