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OPPROBRIUM (aka the original Incubus!) – NEW ALBUM UPDATE!

Brace yourselves for another 'battle of armageddon'.....

Founded in 1986, original death/thrashers Opprobrium (aka Incubus – before those didgeridoo-playing, nu metal wet blankets nicked the name) have long been revered as godfathers of extremity!

Whether you discovered them via debut album Serpent Temptation (1988) – and whether that was in its original thrashier incantation or the death metal-ised reissue from 1996 – or via 1990’s genre defining Beyond the Unknown, Opprobrium will have stamped their indelible mark on your psyche with music that exemplifies the complexity and challenging nature of late 80’s thrash and early 90’s death metal!

Their story didn’t end there though.

After a 10 year hiatus (and after changing their name to Opprobrium), the band went on to release the caustic Discerning Forces in 2000 via Nuclear Blast and then the equally brutal Mandatory Evac followed 8 years later. In the meantime, both Serpent Temptation and Beyond The Unknown also received long overdue re-releases.

However, patient fans have had to wait 10 long years for new material…..but the wait is nearly over!

Founding members Francis & Moyses Howard recently took to Facebook with the following short, but very sweet, message:

“Hello everyone, this is a brief update for all the fans concerning the new album. The new album is finished, recorded and mixed! Please stand by for more news in the months to come and thanks for your support!
– Francis, Moyses

Brace yourselves for another ‘battle of armageddon’….Opprobrium will be back with a lesson in true violence!

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