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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – All Consumed – No World Order

Source // All Consumed

All Consumed’s debut album No World Order takes the title of Worship Metal’s Album Of The Week and it’s an extreme metal extravaganza in awe of death metal’s primal beginnings.

Simply brutal and brutally simple, just think of the finest exponents of groove-obsessed death metal and you’ll not be far off the sound achieved here. “My Asylum” fashions a Napalm Death styled extreme metal workout into a revolving door of incessant riffing and bludgeoning power while “Governed” is the greatest mid-tempo stomper Chris Barnes has never growled over! Talking of growls, the vocal performance of the singularly monikered ‘Rob’ is outstanding throughout. His low’s are unfathomably low and his mid-range shriek is bone-chilling, the perfect accompaniment to the murky, swampy grooves peeled off at a frenetic pace.

No World Order is a back to basics death metal powerhouse. Progressive? Not in any sense….and that’s why we love ’em! The longest song clocks in at an anorexic 3:37 and you get the sense that these guys get off on getting to the f*ckin’ point. This is primeval stuff, the earliest form of death metal scuzzed up for a modern audience used to a diet of overblown, over-fed and over produced death metal theatrics. Well, you’re on a diet now mother*ckers! All Consumed are lean, flayed red raw and indebted to the corrugatingly cruel and dense delivery of Six Feet Under, Dismember and False/Erase era Gorefest.

Proof that gloriously simple death metal can still be a heckle-raising experience in 2015, All Consumed’s debut is an all consuming experience. Unrefined, unfettered and un-f*cking-believably savage. 8/10


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