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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Hummune – Face The Fall

Face the facts! Face The Fall is something very f*cking special indeed!

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Face The Fall is Hummune‘s sophomore release and if you thought their Crafted In Darkness debut was heavy, this’ll have you booking an appointment with your local chiropractor to realign your freshly slipped discs!

The UK’s answer to Crowbar – as they should now be officially known – are as devastatingly heavy as Kirk Windstein’s merry men and, if possible, deliver the same lumbering heft but with more juicy, meaty and, more importantly, accessible riffs than their transatlantic cousins.

“Sow More” invokes frankly dangerous levels of vertebrae-vanquishing head banging, “Deity” is the greatest song Crowbar are yet to pen and “Bastard Son Of Zeus” is a modern day reworking of Prong’s classic “Another Wordly Device”, only 100% heavier. Those are the highlights but the whole album maintains a maximum-riff-hit-rate throughout, with each and every song featuring at least one devastating moment whereby neck muscles are flexed and stretched to breaking point.

The key to Hummune’s success is their ability to harness the base elements of metal and forge a cataclysmic, megalithic, rumbling, churning, steam-rolling onslaught of sound that pummels and pounds it’s way to your very core. You feel these songs, they move through you and the aftershocks are immeasurable.

We can’t say this enough, this album is huge, enveloping the listener with wave after wave of colossal riffing, apocalypse-announcing roars and a seismic shift in power so devastatingly effective that Hummune deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the aforementioned Crowbar, High On Fire and Remission era Mastodon. Impressive stuff indeed. 9/10

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