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Worship Metal Album Of The Week – Primitiv – Immortal & Vile

Primitiv by name and - thankfully - primitive death metal by nature....

Source // Primitiv

Pure death metal mayhem awaits those brave enough to enter the realms occupied by India’s Primitiv. These miscreants live up to their name with the most primal battering imaginable, recalling the days when death metal was barely breathing and still had the presence of mind to shock and awe with its sheer ferociousness!

If anything, Primitiv bring to mind the slower, more calculated, bludgeoning of the UK’s finest, Bolt Thrower and Benediction. Speed is assayed in favour of lumbering heft, dragging the carcass of mid-paced death metal into 2016 with surprising finesse and a sure sense of confidence.

With a general approach that crushes harder than a Titanosaurus stepping on your foot, it’s the odd excursion into more adventurous territory that impacts hardest and no more so than on the epic “Dead Man’s Desert”. Flirting unashamedly with death/doom before incorporating the cleanest of solo’s to truly magnify its sly ascent from hell to heaven, this incredible track provokes unease while still delivering that satisfying sucker-punch all good death metal should.

The quality emanating from India right now is unfathomable and Primitiv are leading a very feral pack when it comes to the country’s death metal contingent. Impressive. 8/10

Primitiv Immortal & Vile

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